Booking Fees

There is a minimum 12% booking fee applied to all tickets.

A fulfilment fee of £2.50 per transaction is also applicable.

The booking fee charged may vary and is agreed with the venue or promoter for each event. If the fee is greater than 12%, The Ticket Store may decide to include the booking fee in the ticket price. 

Why a Booking Fee?
Booking fees are an industry standard necessity. This is the only part of your total transaction fee that we keep as most venues and event promoters don't pay us anything to sell their tickets. The booking fee helps us cover our overheads such as keeping our website ticking over for online bookings and other business costs like turning the lights on and flushing the toilet!  It's also important to pay our hardworking staff, otherwise they'd probably go home and have a nap instead of taking your calls. All this makes the booking fee a vital part of our business and ensures that we continue to offer the best customer service, operating modern and efficient ticketing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!