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Booking Fees

There is a 10% booking fee applied to all tickets over £15. If top price tickets are under £15 there is no booking fee.

A fulfilment fee of £2.50 per transaction is applicable.

Tickets sold for shows held at alternative venues may incur increased booking fees as Plymouth Pavilions is acting as a ticket agent only. In this instance, Plymouth Pavilions may decide to include the booking fee in the ticket price. 

Why a Booking Fee?
Booking fees have become an industry standard necessity at commercial venues like the Pavilions. Unfortunately, due to tight promoter deals and increased bank charges, many venues have already been forced to go down the line of shutting their in house Box Offices and out sourcing their ticketing to independent ticketing agents. The result of this means even higher costs being passed on to the customer and the loss of personal service and venue knowledge that in house Box Offices are able to give. The booking fee is a vital part of our business and ensures that we continue to offer the best customer service, operating a modern and efficient Box Office service. 

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